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August 28, 2008

Life, Liberty, and the exact same pension anyone has ever had!

If you are not currently employed in a particular job, how could you possibly be entitled to a pension that is a current benefit to that job?  Someone has to ask Jack Conway if we are each born with an inherent right to a certain pension structure, conditional only on our willingness to take the job attached to it.

Other things that are hard to believe:

-- The Kentucky Racing Authority wants a 33% bigger budget to hire more people.  Think the Governor has any names in mind?

-- Covington maxed out its allowable property tax increase in order to not spend it all...

-- ...while over in Florence, they are afraid of cheap gas.  The most incredible part is this exchange about the dangers of new information:

"We were very sensitive to make sure we weren't exposed to any new information to cloud our decision," Aubuchon said.

Looking at new information would "tread upon the due process rights of the general public," said city attorney Hugh Skees.

The link is from last week, but the new news today is that the Council agreed.

-- A 300 year-old oak tree is threatened in Lexington.  The interesting part is the only reason it's threatened is some state regulations that say a certain road is necessary and that the road has to be built exactly through a hill the tree stands on.

August 27, 2008

Notes and Updates

The Lexington city council rejected property tax increases.  But increases are still on the table up in Boone County.

Also tabled was a ridiculous idea to prevent Lexingtonians from using their private property as they see fit on gameday.

Fred Mudge talks about the problems with card check. (Thanks to BPB)

August 26, 2008

Card-Check is Only the Beginning

Next, they'll work to repeal Right-to-Work for the 22 states that have it.  While that may even up the playing field for Kentucky, dragging the rest of the country back is not really the direction we want to go.

The Wall Street Journal examines the pocket Ben Chandler is kept in.

City Newsbox Takeover Postponed; Taxes Up Next

We've mentioned it elsewhere, but the Lexington city council's proposed takeover of print media distribution has been tabled for 30 days.

Meanwhile, while Lexingtonians are facing incredible increases in water and sewer fees, the mayor has proposed maximum hikes in property taxes as well.  The city council makes good noises about it though.

August 21, 2008

Statement on the LFUCG’s Media Distribution Business

Kentucky Club for Growth Executive Director Andy Hightower issued the following statement on the currently proposed ordinance to ban periodical distribution boxes and replace them with a city-managed media distribution network.

“The government wants to tax and control the way media is distributed so that the city looks a certain way in preparation for an upcoming international event.  While this certainly sounds like China, it is a current proposal in Lexington.

“Lexington’s proposed ordinance will make when and where periodicals are distributed a government decision, and ban some independent publications by charging fees they cannot afford.  It is wholly inappropriate for the council to ban, regulate, tax and distribute media in the city.”

August 20, 2008

Taxing Authority Lowers Taxes?

Any government entity lowering taxes is a headline you don't see often.  But that's what happened in Boone county thanks in part to Ky Club for Growther Rick Brueggeman.  Boone library lowers tax rate (

No New People in Lexington

In Lexington, council member Dick DeCamp continues in his quest to make Lexington more like Beijing.  Last time we told you about his efforts to regulate the media.  He is certainly one of the people who is constantly concerned about urban sprawl, but apparently he doesn't want 'infill' either.  Today, DeCamp hopes for new restrictions on privately-funded construction downtown. I guess a one-child policy is the next step to make sure no one lives in his city...(H-L)


Not a comment, only an interesting juxtaposition in today's Boston Globe:

In 1948, they had Harry Truman and “The buck stops here!”

In 2008, they’ve got Barack Obama and it’s “above my pay grade."

August 19, 2008

Ben Chandler Dislikes:
1) You, 2) Hard Questions

On Friday, Kentucky Club for Growth Chairman Warren Rogers got to ask Representative Ben Chandler about his support for “card-check” legislation.

Back in March 2007, the US House of Representatives considered H.R. 800, the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act”.  Current law allows employees to form a union through a democratic, secret ballot election.  H.R. 800 would allow union organizers to approach employees individually and persuade them to sign a card indicating their favor for a union.  Employers and many employees fear that this would encourage intimidation and harassment of employees to sign the card.

Warren asked: “Mr. Chandler, a current issue in Congress called ‘card-check’ legislation will do away with secret balloting for union organization.  Most businesses and even 80% of union members oppose this legislation, yet you supported it. Can you explain your reasons for your support?”

After jovially insulting the Club for Growth and its members, Congressman Chandler went on a long discussion about the virtues of a “living wage”, a wage that is artificially higher than what the free marketplace would offer.  The Congressman puzzlingly acknowledged that businesses have the “goal to compete in the global economy,” but suggested that setting competitive wages should not be a tool businesses have in order to compete.

Unfortunately, Chandler’s long dissembling did not afford the opportunity to follow-up.

“I don’t think he would have answered,” says Club Executive Director Andy Hightower.  “The real answer is that card-check legislation will vastly increase the number of unionized employees whose forced dues will go to support the campaigns of anti-growth candidates like Ben Chandler.”

Ben Chandler is one of the most anti-growth members of Congress.  The national Club for Growth gave him a 7% rating in their 2007 scorecard.

August 18, 2008

LFUCG at it again!

The LFUCG is at it again with its big government antics.  This one comes from Dick DeCamp.  Fortunately, Lexington has an abundance of pro-liberty fighters who believe we need less, not more governmental regulation.  Chuck Creacy, co-owner of Smiley Pete Publishing is taking a stand to oppose the ordinance.  The KY Club for Growth urges its members in Fayette County to join Chuck in standing up to this needless regulation.

August 14, 2008

The Poor, Suffering Government

Kentucky state government is "suffering" right now, and the Governor asks if maybe some taxpayers wouldn't mind giving up some more of their income to ease its pain. 

Certain legislators channel Clinton, feel the government's pain, and consider what they could accomplish in a tax-oriented special session.

Read more here.

August 13, 2008

Creative Class

Lexington tries to make itself more attractive to the "creative class" by making things uniform, not to mention over-governing and imposing fees.  Just because you're bored doesn't mean you need to get legislatin', councilfolks. 

Why would a city be in the media-marketing business?  Maybe they were inspired by Beijing’s Olympic preparations.  Read it here.

August 12, 2008

Kentucky: 44th For Business!

Just about every politician in Kentucky campaigns about making Kentucky a haven for entrepreneurs, commercially robust and a more attractive place to do business.  Yet here we are, in the latest Forbes rankings, still on the bottom.  While Kentucky ranks as one of the less expensive places to do business, the commonwealth receives low marks across the board.  The accompanying article is disappointing though, as it seems to place greater emphasis on a state's package of available incentives instead of having a generally more attractive tax environment.

August 11, 2008

This is really frightening!

Thank the big government allies of BOTH parties for this.

Why politicians need a lesson in Economics!

Yet another cigarette tax up in smoke.

August 6, 2008

From Russia with love

Rupert Murdoch says there is one country in which he will no longer do business.  With the energy policy and tax increases proposed by Obama, Murdoch may soon add another.

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