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April 20, 2008

A Chat with Pat

I'll be appearing with Pat Crowley on his ICN 6 show which airs here in Northern Kentucky. Airtimes are various.

April 1, 2008

They Can't Pass a Secret Budget?

From David Adams at the Bluegrass Institute:

Didn't the House and Senate leaders tell us the public had to get out of the conference committee room so they could work their magic and get a budget worked out?

Polwatchers suggests the House now doesn't have the votes to pass the secret spending plan.

Whether they pass the budget bill or not, the very idea that their lack of progress last week was the public's fault is worthy of the harshest scorn.

Argh! Scrutiny! Legislators can't do the people's work in the face of scrutiny!

At the extreme, wouldn't you rather government get nothing done in transparency than pass all kinds of legislation that the public isn't allowed to see until after it's law?

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