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April 24, 2007

Donor records might have similarities - Lexington Herald-Leader

April 21, 2007


Club for Growth launches in Oregon

April 20, 2007

Credit where due

The Lunsford campaign for governor has been hit with accusations of thievery in its "Blueprint for Change." Kentucky Pundit was, to set the record straight, the first guy to bring this to our attention.

But the other allegations have suggested that Lunsford actually stole some text that went into the blueprint from similar plans unveiled for other states.

Doug Alexander of the Commonwealth Progress Council offers us a unique perspective on the whole situation:

As long as we’re borrowing ideas, let’s borrow some that work.
The latest dust up in the race for governor involves whether or not it’s okay for candidates to “borrow” ideas from campaigns in other states.  Candidates Bruce Lunsford and Steve Beshear have been criticized by opponents for using language in campaign materials that originated in Florida and Iowa respectively.
If they like what they see in Florida and Iowa, maybe Mr. Lunsford and Mr. Beshear ought to reconsider their position on the right of workers to decide for themselves whether or not to join and pay dues to a union.  Workers in Florida and Iowa have that right.  Kentucky workers do not.
Take a look at how the respective states are doing:

Florida – 3.3 %  (Tied with Iowa and Alabama with the 9th lowest unemployment rate in the nation)
Iowa – 3.3 %  (Tied with Florida and Alabama with the 9th lowest unemployment rate in the nation)
Kentucky – 5.7% (46th among all the states in unemployment)
(US Bureau of Labor Statistics, February, 2007)
(Alabama is also a Right to Work state.)
Florida – Ranks 20th among all states
Iowa  - Ranks 30th among all states
Kentucky – Ranks 46th among all states
(US Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Florida – Ranks as the 3rd friendliest state for business
Iowa – Ranks as the 18th friendliest state for business
Kentucky – Ranks as the 45th friendliest state for business
(Pollina Corporation 2007 Pro-business state rankings)
More people are working in Florida and Iowa than are working in Kentucky.  People are making more money in Florida and Iowa than Kentuckians are making.  Florida and Iowa are considered better prospects for new business and job creation than is Kentucky.
Florida and Iowa are doing some things right.  Feel free to borrow.

 Sadly, if Kentucky doesn't borrow ideas from other states, Kentucky won't have any good ideas. The ones generated internally have given us our current problems.

April 19, 2007


The Courier-Journal has now profiled Gatewood Galbraith. Before fiscal conservatives dismiss Galbraith, they should probably consider that he's the only Democrat candidate for governor who wants to eliminate the certificate of need program in Kentucky. Galbraith told the Herald-Leader recently ...

Lawmakers, who allowed retired state employees' pension funds to reach a $12 billion deficit and admit knowing little about the depths of Medicaid fraud, have let the Certificate of Need (CON) program run amuck in their desperate searches for incumbency.

For-profit corporations dominate healthcare; make large political contributions; lobby for CON to continue, driving up health costs while perpetuating their monopolies in the healthcare business.   Just another example of the collective 80+ years of failed leadership of my opponents.

Free market competition can be applied to healthcare facilities to halt spiraling costs, eliminate the bureaucracy, and better serve Kentuckians.

Consider that no less than two of Galbraith's opponents for the Democratic Party nomination are running on platforms involving some form of "universal" health care.

Galbraith may be well out of the mainstream of Democrats, but his position on certifcate of need demonstrates his obvious independence and thoughtfulness. It also demonstrates just how little regard many hard-charging Democrats have for solutions to Kentucky health-care crisis.

April 17, 2007

2007 Kentucky Club for Growth Scorecard

The Kentucky Club for Growth is proud to announce its 2007 scorecard rating members of the Kentucky General Assembly on fiscal issues.

How did your legislators do?

April 14, 2007

President McCain?

Reason has posted its piece on the threat to liberty posted by a McCain presidency.

April 6, 2007

Unbridled Trademarks

The Lunsford/Stumbo campaign will probably soon regret a decision to use a Bluegrass Institute trademark in their recent Blueprint for Kentucky. Kentucky Pundit gets the joke.

04/17/07 : 2007 Kentucky Club for Growth Scorecard

Donor records might have similarities - Lexington Herald-Leader

Club for Growth launches in Oregon

The Kentucky Club for Growth is proud to announce its 2007 scorecard rating members of the Kentucky General Assembly on fiscal issues.

How did your legislators do?

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